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Homemade Treats for Special Dogs!
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GrandDog Bakery came into existence by chance in 2004. Wanting only the best things to eat for my daughter's Bichon, Roscoe (my GrandDog), I decided to make treats that would help provide a healthier and happier life for him. He loved the treats right from the start and today refuses any other treats. Other family members and friends began to request the homemade biscuits, bites and cookies. The treats were an instant success. One day while baking the treats it just made sense to make them available to more and more of man's best friends. That's how GrandDog Bakery began.

Our premium biscuits and gourmet cookies are all homemade and handmade and preservative free. There is no mass production of our treats. All of the treats are rolled, cut and decorated by hand. The treats are made in small batches to ensure that they are just right for your dog. In fact, pets and their owners can eat our treats! All of the ingredients are human grade, wholesome and come from the U.S.A. The baking is done in Des Plaines, Illinois and everything is made to order and shipped immediately. You can be sure that the treats are as fresh as possible and made with love.

Each and every treat is
made with human food grade ingredients. Here is a list of
the wholesome, dog-friendly ingredients used in a
variety of our treats.

All-natural peanut butter with no added sugar or salt
Gluten-Free Buckwheat flour
Whole wheat flour
Naturally white, unbleached flour
Non-fat dry milk
Sweet Potatoes

Olive oil
Whole wheat pastry flour
Carob/carob powder

What ingredients are NEVER in our treats?
Preservatives of any kind, sketchy animal by-products, or anything you yourself wouldn't want to eat!!!

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For more information about ordering GrandDog Treats for the 4-Legged Foodies in your life, or about wholesale orders contact...
(847)331-9809 | info@granddogbakery.com
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