About the Bakery

GrandDog Bakery came into existence in my home kitchen by chance in 2004. Wanting only the best things to eat for my daughter's Bichon, Roscoe (my GrandDog), I decided to make treats that would help provide a healthier and happier life for him. He loved the treats right from the start and soon friends began to request the homemade biscuits, bites and cookies.

One day while baking the treats it just made sense to make them available to more and more of man's best friends. And here we are. Now based in Austin, TX making treats and shipping them to dogs and their people all over the country.

We still make them one small batch at a time, and we hope that your dog will love them just as much as Roscoe did all those years ago. 

- Susan

Founder & Chief Dough Roller